Addressing Healthcare Needs

Accessible Prevention Care and Substance Abuse Services


CHAG provides effective, equitable, understandable, and respectful quality care and services:
  • to create a safe and welcoming environment at every point of contact that both fosters appreciation of the diversity of individuals and provides patient- and family-centered care

  • to ensure that all individuals receiving health care and services experience culturally and linguistically appropriate encounters; to meet communication needs so that individuals understand the health care and services they are receiving, can participate effectively in their own care, and make informed decisions

  • to eliminate discrimination and disparities.

  • HIV prevention interventions

  • Trauma specific outpatient treatment for substance abuse

  • STD and HCV screening and testing

  • HIV rapid testing

  • Referrals for services, utilizing all our resources to address your health care needs

You can receive services through our partner organizations, outreach, fixed sites in primary care facilities, and in our office.

 HIV Care Services