Our Commitment to Your Safety

As a community, we face the challenge of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to assure you that our teams at Community Heath Awareness Group continue to be committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment – for you and for us.

As always, we follow strict protocols for ensuring each patient care and waiting room area is cleaned frequently with the appropriate cleaners by following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

We ask that if you are just not feeling well, or have cold or flu symptoms please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. We will do our very best to reschedule your visit in the coming weeks.

We want you to know we are still working, trying to serve the needs of our clients/patients, the lives of our employees and the safety of the community. We will continue to do so until we deem it unsafe for our employees and those we serve, or until we are no longer able to due to government restrictions.

In order to continue working, we are spending time to educate our staff on safety measures as well as implementing new safety protocols so that during this difficult and ever changing time, the risk remains at a minimum.

Our goal is to maintain a balance between clients and patient’s needs, employees working, and ultimately stopping the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Because every client/patient encounter is unique, individual care decisions require independent medical judgement.

Also please keep in mind, as things change, we may decide to or be required to STOP working. We will do our best to inform you of such decisions.





  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Not everyone requires testing for this virus.


  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Not everyone requires testing for this virus.

  • HAND WASHING: Teaching Employees the proper hand washing requirements, use of
    sanitizing gels and disinfectants.

  • The first line of defense is to stay healthy. You can boost your immune system by eating
    nutritiously, exercising, and getting enough sleep

  • STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, and advise others to do the same.

  • Communicate and reinforce best practices for covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: We are educating staff members that encounter others to stay away and give the proper social distancing mean six (6) feet away from each other per
    the CDC guidelines.

  • Communicate and reinforce best practices for washing hands. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and warm water are not available. You can make your own by using 2 parts 99% rubbing alcohol with 1 part aloe vera.


  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces (computers, keyboards, desks, etc.). You can make your own disinfectant using ¾ cup of household bleach to 1
    gallon of water.


  • Implement social distancing measures as feasible. Substitute elbow taps or winks for handshakes.

Now is not the time to panic. A Medical Director has provided us with the following link that puts COVID-19 in perspective. It is We encourage you to monitor the CDC website for additional information as this rapidly developing public health matter changes.


The entire staff of the Community Health Awareness Group is centered around enriching lives and keeping our community healthy. Thank you for your continued trust.

WHAT ELSE ARE WE DOING through 3/30/2020:

The following is a list of our actions through 3/30/2020. Please understand these steps may be extended or changed based on the directives from the CDC and our government officials.

DAILY DEBRIEFINGS: We have enacted multiple times per day debriefings with senior staff members to review current events, changes in operations, etc. so we can make the best decisions moving forward.

CANCELLING NON-ESSENTIAL MEETINGS/GROUPS: We have cancelled all non-essential  meetings, groups and trainings. This includes CHAG’s psychosocial support group, TAP2 sessions,YAB, and Many Men, Many Voices (3MV).

CANCELLING ALL INTERNAL/EXTERNAL MEETINGS AND TRAININGS: We are cancelling all internal meeting and training sessions and replacing required ones with virtual meetings or video conferencing and video instruction.

TRANSPORTATION: Essential transportation for clients will continue and include PCP, ID, and Dialysis, and mental health, dental and urgent appointments that can be verified by a clinic. Again confirm the day of the appointment. Many places such as Secretary of State and DHS have gone to appointment only no walk-ins. All vehicles will be thoroughly disinfected following each client visit.

Clients will be screened for any cold or COVID-19 symptoms prior to pickups: Cough, cold, fever, chills, etc. If they express they are sick advise them to call their doctor for further directions and stay home. If personal transportation is required they will be asked to ride in the back seat to protect the client and staff.

CASE MANAGEMENT: All home visits are cancelled. Please conduct assessments/
reassessments by phone (see transportation notes above).

EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES: Confirm all client appointments the day of their appointment as things are changing daily, if your client does not answer their phone do not go to their home (also see transportation notes above). EIS on call is suspended for until 3/30/2020.

TOBACCO CESSATION: Screening and all client interactions will be by phone.

Due to the close contact required during testing services, all routine HIV testing services will be suspended for the next two weeks (through 3/30/2020). Services will be re-assessed at that time. All social networking and outreach services are also suspended. Should you have an exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours and require nPEP or PEP, contact our medical partner, Be Well Medical Center for a telemedicine appointment.


CHAG will increase its syringe exchange rate to ensure clients have access to clean sterile syringes during this public health crisis.

In-house Syringe Exchange: Life Points services for clients will continue in the outer hallway OUTSIDE of the Life Points room only. For client protection all staff will implement strict universal precautions. This includes wearing gloves and a mask from the moment the client is greeted in the lobby.

Field Syringe Exchange: Life Points will continue to cover field sites, unless there’s a change in government requirements. All staff will implement universal precautions wearing gloves and masks during the entire exchange.

We are suspending our STD/PREP onsite clinic services until 3/30/2020. If you require PrEP or hormone medication refills please contact our offices and a Telemedicine visit can be scheduled with our Be Well Medical Team. Anyone requiring testing due to a recent exposure may also be seen through our partners at Be Well Medical. Contact our offices and we assist with arranging a visit.

The Administration and Staff of Community Health Awareness Group
Providing Information for a Health-Wise Community
March 17, 2020


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